JPE Design Studio Pty Ltd
Level 4/19 Gilles Street
Adelaide 5000
South Australian
Tel +61(0)8 8406 4000
Fax +61(0)8 8406 4007

ABN 97 007 776 249
PO Box 6401
Halifax Street 5000
South Australia

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We create places for work & play, living & learning. Responding to the human need, & embracing value, sustainability & longevity. Places that reflect the combined values & vision of the people.


We develop a clear and defined project vision together with our clients. This approach creates a unique design dialogue that guides our thinking and informs design decisions.

Design Experience.

We believe in an open, collaborative and shared approach to design and problem solving, and in design as a human experience for all to participate in, and contribute to.

Creative Exchange.

We see our design process as a creative exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture, and between all people involved in our projects.

Value Add.

Customised internal office management system
Accredited QA system
Revit & BIM capability
Internal reviews
Safety & value management audits
Sustainable design