Prospect Community Library & Innovation Centre

Located alongside the existing Prospect Town Hall, the new CLIC (Community Hub, Library and Innovation Centre) will reflect the aspirations and identity of the local community in a smart, creative and connected new building. This project will consolidate Council administration, the library and art gallery, facilitating for community group use day and night. It also signifies the Council’s development plan to increase density along Prospect Road, with CLIC being a benchmark for future development. An intensive consultation process with Council, staff and the community has established key design themes that are unique to Prospect and that underpin the decisions made for the design intent.

Portions of the external facade will be ‘cloaked’ in a translucent and protective skin which will provide shading and ventilation to the façade glazing, filter view and activity within the building and will be sculpted in such a way as to reveal and conceal selected areas of the internal activity. The existing heritage listed town hall will be fully integrated into the project, with restoration works and internal modifications to ensure that its value in the council is embraced into the future, with the ability to retain its function as a venue. The building will encourage engagement with the community and business, with a tenancy space designed into Level 3. Day and night functionality is planned to invigorate Prospect's developing urban realm.