In Our Nature by Kate Oakenfold

Kate Oakenfold is a local artist whose work reflects her fascination with the interconnectedness of the natural world and has led her to explore themes surrounding identity, memory, place and the sacred. Walking in and creating a dialogue with nature is essential to Kate’s practice. By exhibiting collected organic materials and photographic documentation of land art created on her walking experiences, she aims to bring the essence of nature in to the gallery space.

Artist Statement: "I find the world a fascinating place; there is beauty and wonder to be found in every nook and cranny. This sense of wondering is at the core of my work. From this I take delight from the bewildering array of connections and similarities to be found between humans and the natural environment. On one hand my work invites the viewer to explore their personal connection with nature and on the other it asks them to consider and imagine hidden connections and the space beyond the perceived world.”