A Design Studio

The JPE Design Studio logo embodies our philosophy that our process enables the collective expression of each person within our practice. This belief extends to our clients and collaborators as we see our role as facilitators of creative and technical opportunity. We believe that a holistic approach to design and problem solving is enhanced through an inclusive, multi-disciplinary design model that is outward looking. We engage beyond the conventional brief, to design and deliver projects through creative exchange and the sharing of knowledge which informs each project in a unique way.


We develop a clear and defined project vision together with our clients and stakeholders. This workshop approach creates a space for the sharing of ideas and design dialogue to assist in developing a unique language for the project. The agreed key values, project objective and concept direction then underpins and guides the design decisions moving forward. This technique also establishes a value management framework for the project.

Crafting An Experience

Our attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship in our built environment and landscapes fosters rigour and learning with each project. This focus for design excellence reveals the quality of materials and the knowledge and talents of our artisans, builders and makers. A unique and environmentally considered design response is telling of its time and has the power to change attitudes, habits and perceptions, bringing real value through social and economic benefits.

Language of Design

From a simple sketch to a fully coordinated BIM model, we utilise many forms of design communication to express a simple idea through to complex technical articulation. Hand made models, 3D printing and virtual reality can bring our clients into the design process with dynamic results. We understand the impact and required clarity of design communication and the importance of experimentation to inform the language of the design process.

Good Design Adds Value

We believe that good design adds value. As designers we play a key role in empowering the local economy; inventing, testing ideas and connecting with industry for each new project. The impact of designing for environmental, social and operational sustainability cannot be underestimated and we strive for all three. With a focus on people, creativity and technology, design and design thinking enhances everyday lives. From the idea to the construction of complex buildings, interiors and landscapes, we have the ability to provoke positive, economic, social and environmental change.