Innovating since 1851

You may have thought that architectural firms were traditional; we never have been. The greatest legacy of the Practice is that we have been adaptable and responsive to change for 170 years. We have had a continuous lineage of Directorship since 1851 making us the oldest Architectural Practice in not only South Australia, but Australia. We are very proud of our rich heritage and impact the firm’s lineage has had on the fabric of the city of Adelaide. The longevity of JPE forms a key part of our culture and identity as we strive to continue this great legacy as a contemporary Practice into the future.

Daniel Garlick (1851)

Daniel Garlick first started practicing as an Architect in Gawler in 1851. We consider this to be the official birth year of JPE. Garlick worked in various partnerships throughout his years in the design industry and contributed to projects including the original Queen Chamber building and Prince Alfred College. Daniel Garlick also played a significant part in the formation of the SA Institute of Architects and was second President holding office from 1892 - 1900.

English & Soward

Thomas English originally began practicing in 1850 with Henry Brown in a design/construct partnership before he started working as a sole practitioner in 1866. In 1877, English formed a partnership with George Soward where they worked on projects including The Robin Hood Hotel, The Earl of Zetland Hotel and The Torrens Arms Hotel.

Joseph English, Thomas English’s son, went into partnership with George Soward in 1885 following the passing of Thomas. While in this partnership, Joseph and George worked on the original office of The Advertiser as well as various colonial residential projects throughout Adelaide.

Garlick & Jackman

H.L Jackman practiced with Daniel Garlick from 1885 and became the effective sole proprietor of the business after Daniel Garlick retired in 1899. In 1899 Garlick & Jackman were appointed to work on the Adelaide Railway Station.

H.L Jackman’s son, H.M Jackman joined the practice along with Lancelot Gooden in 1917. H.M Jackman left the practice to serve in World War One and upon his return to Adelaide in 1919 went to work for Joseph English & Soward until 1927.

H.M Jackman (of English & Soward) later joined a partnership with Lancelot Gooden (of Garlick & Jackman) in 1935 which officially brings together the two firms.This merging saw many new people enter the business over the coming years with various changes to the company name. Directors throughout this time included Earle Scott, Brian Swan, Brian Quinn, Wynne Lake, Mark Collingwood, David J Parken and Stephen Muecke. The team worked on various projects including the award-winning Repatriation General Hospital and the General Rehabilitation Unit.

Jackman Parken Evans

In 2002 Adrian Evans joined the practice as a Director and the firms name was changed to ‘Jackman Parken Evans’. Key milestones projects include the Margaret Tobin Health Centre, the Wave Building (the home of our studio today) and Playford Primary School which was awarded a merit for Environmentally Sustainable Design.

JPE Design Studio

In 2008, the company changed its name to JPE Design Studio to better encapsulate the multi-disciplinary nature of the firm. In 2010 Kaare Krokene was appointed Director and in 2013 Adrian Evans was awarded the Sir James Irwin Presidents Medal.

In 2018 Josephine Evans, Matthew Thomas, Simon Dodd and Tom Vinall were appointed as Directors, joining Adrian Evans until his retirement in 2020. In 2020, Landscape Architect, Richard Kleinig was also appointed as Director to join Josephine, Matthew, Simon and Tom with the five leading a multi-disciplinary approach to leadership with representation covering all disciplines.