JPE Awarded Pulteney Grammar School Master Plan

We are thrilled to announce JPE have been selected to partner with Pulteney Grammar School to create a new Master Plan for their unique campus here in Adelaide. The story of this collaboration is historic, with our firm acquiring Lucus, Parker and Lake in 1985 who serviced the school throughout the 1900's. More recently our team have worked with the school on various keystone projects including the Middle School Building, the Quad Development, the Factory, the Ray Wing and Wyatt Hall.

The Master Plan process will consult widely and identify opportunities to rejuvenate, reveal and develop campus life. Balancing tradition and change, our team will work in close collaboration with the school community and dsquared Consulting to create a future framework that will empower students, plan for future development and articulate a vision for environmental sustainability whilst celebrating the history of this iconic school and precinct of the city. As the School celebrates its 175th anniversary, the launch of the Master Plan is an exciting new chapter in the story of Pulteney.

“When clarity of vision aligns with 21st century pedagogical thinking and practice, we have the opportunity to unlock our incredible School site to create spaces fit for purpose that inspire creativity, curiosity, collaboration, critical thinking, social connection and support each student to prosper.” Cameron Bacholer (Principal)