The Secret Garden Exhibition

Adelaide based Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Visual Artist, Ashleigh Abbott's endearing bird formations flocked to JPE Design Studio for the 2015 SALA Festival, along with new creations from her recent visits to Asia and the Australian outback. Viewing the world through a kaleidoscope of reassembled forms and colours, Ashleigh Abbott's Secret Garden exhibition was a unique celebration of nature, happiness and new discoveries.

"I'm inspired by life's simple pleasures; colour and love, which I find every day in the environment and the beautiful people around me. I wish I could create things all day long! I look at the world as if through a kaleidoscope, and reassemble the colourful pieces I see and feel, into creations that celebrate happiness, connection and new possibilities; my own emotions and my own little happy world that brings me joy." - Ashleigh Abbott