Allied Health Building, Lot Fourteen

As one of the very first existing buildings on the Former Royal Adelaide Hospital site to be re-purposed, the Allied Health Building has set the tone for the co-working ‘eco-system’ within the Lot Fourteen precinct. Originally a working hospital ward, this new agile workplace provided a prime opportunity to showcase the adaptive re-use of the city’s existing building stock, breathing new life into this vital part of Adelaide. Driven by a commitment to sustainability, the Allied Health Building fitout has received a 6 Star Green Star rating due to its consideration of ESD initiatives. The first heritage listed building in the South Australia to do so.

The guiding principles for the project were to align with and amplify the Strategic Vision for the site, set the tone for future developments, act as a focal point for the start-up community and break new ground to create a unique offering. Original floors, ceilings and details have been uncovered and celebrated within a new modern and future focused workplace setting. The Allied Health Building creates a workplace eco-system under one roof, bringing a diversity of workplace tools and spaces to spark innovation and collaboration and “draw the energy in”.