Wingfold Tower

Located in Adelaide’s vibrant Waymouth Street precinct this 28-level tower comprises of restaurant and café tenancies, a unique mix of residential accommodation, a communal roof garden with panoramic hill and coastal views, and a new plaza and pedestrian connection between Waymouth Street and Playhouse Lane. The external expression echoes the programmatic layering, while the innovative adaptable internal layouts provide a range of accommodation types.

The 3 articulated tower forms are a clear expression of form and function, breaking down the building scale with deep recessed slots, sunshading screens and an open and active frontage.The above ground carparking is screened with a sculptural three-dimensional facade that acts as a backdrop to the State Heritage listed Queen’s Theatre building adjacent. The urban plaza will blue the boundary to the adjacent apartment building and provide public amenity and external seating for the restaurant. The pedestrian walkway to Playhouse Lane is lined with active frontages, public art and a sculptural sofit.