Kain Lawyers Fitout

Departing away from the traditional spatial planning of legal offices, this unique and tailored fitout for Kain Lawyers incorporates open plan workspaces, semi-enclosed and shared offices and steps away from the use of a formal reception area to create a more modern and flexible working environment that better caters to the needs and working style of this growing legal practice.The large communal kitchen forms the entry to the workplace, a welcoming and warm environment that connects to the main boardroom and provides valuable open space for meetings, building team culture and taking a break to enjoy the city views.

The fitout utilises a controlled material palette of dark timber and neutral colours to create a calm atmosphere that is inviting to both staff and clients. Workstations have been strategically positioned towards the back of the office to maximise views of the city and access to natural light, assisting in supporting employee wellbeing.With a range of different working environments, the Kain Lawyers fitout offers ample spaces for individual and private focused work whilst still maintaining a team-based feel with dedicated zones for collaboration.