Flinders Children's Centre

The outdoor learning area design builds on the theme of child gathering and the integration of two cultures by creating gathering destinations within the outdoor space. Flinders Children’s Centre is located within Port Augusta, north east of the town centre. The Flinders Children’s Centre has a high enrolment of indigenous children and connection to their families. It was important, during the engagement and design process to work not only with the centre but also the indigenous community to ensure support of the design outcome.

Tji Tji Wiltja meaning ‘Children’s Gathering Place’ tells of the strong connection the Flinders Children’s Centre has with the local Aboriginal Culture. The connection of the Aboriginal community with the European community is evident with the art works and elements already within the space.

Already a well-defined outdoor area, the design provides small interventions, such as the tree house, the fire pit, the mud play and the creek as areas to meet and collaborate. During the construction process, the tree house became the focal point of the design and is a well-used and well-loved structure within the outdoor learning space.