Magill Village Redevelopment

This important transformation project shifts a 1km section of Magill Road from vehicle focused infrastructure to a people focused environment, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, not only for the environment, but also for the community and the economy. Our team worked closely with the City of Burnside and Campbelltown City Council to revitalise this public precinct, encompassing urban renewal to enhance activity, vibrancy, and a stronger sense of place. Various sustainability measures have also been incorporated into the design including increased street planting, WSUD rain gardens, improved biodiversity, and a focus on locally sourced materials and services.

Responding to the rich social and cultural heritage of Magill, historic references and cultural themes have been knitted into the fabric of the corridor infrastructure through public artwork and interpretive elements that reference key historical figures that are significant to Magill including Bennetts Pottery, Penfolds Winery and Dorrit Black. Custom terracotta brinks were also developed in collaboration with John Bennett, a fifth generation operator of Bennetts Pottery which have been integrated into the custom benches.

The reduction in traffic lane widths and vehicle speeds to 40km/hr contributes to creating a safer and more enjoyable environment in which cyclist and pedestrian movement takes precedence over vehicles – an important step towards improving community health and wellbeing whilst also reducing environmental impacts. The ‘Sedi’ range, designed by JPE in collaboration with Specialised Solutions, has also been incorporated into the design fabric to offer comfortable and sheltered solar powered seating with integrated lighting and wireless phone charging. By providing appealing public spaces, and encouraging users to stay in the area, Magill Village now presents an attractive location for businesses and residents, providing the building blocks for further renewal and long-term investment in Magill.