Parks Library

With an emphasis on blurred indoor-outdoor spaces and a natural flow of movement from public realm to public place, the Parks Library and Community Centre is oriented around a central community garden that has been sliced into the overall form of the surrounding building pavilions. The project comprises of a library, arrival and customer service space, administration building, community function centre and associated kitchen, meeting rooms, amenities and a central community garden.

Wrapped in a responsive fa├žade, the building opens up to invite people in from the surrounding precinct and neighbourhood. The central garden is the heart of the facility, and will function as a foyer flowing through to a reading garden, event and exhibition space, and will be an all-season welcoming and relaxed gathering space.

The interconnected nature of the spaces is intended to unify the community use, opening it up to maximise the volume and the access to natural daylight. The tactile, staggered building edges provides shelter, shade and public seating both inside and out to further promote the building as part of the public realm and the community.