Walkerville Civic & Community Centre

Our design for the Civic & Community Centre was motivated by the Town of Walkerville’s sense of community, its historic vernacular and the opportunity for celebration and growth within the Town. The project brief required a new public library, Council admin areas and the restoration of the locally listed Town Hall building on the site.

By abstracting and integrating distinct local forms and motifs into the fabric of the new building, it is subconsciously familiar - an interpretation of Walkerville’s distinct built form character that automatically resounds in the mind and spirit of the local community. This layering of abstracted local forms is repeated throughout the building in the window framing, ceiling and lighting configuration, interior detailing, urban design elements, and recessed brickwork details, further reinforcing the integrated nature of the design concept and project aspirations.

The notion of a ‘Public Living Room’ inspired the internal planning, connectivity, materiality and detailing to create spaces that are grand yet welcoming, public yet personal. Like the Town itself, the new Civic & Community Centre has its own personality – bold and rich in detail and texture. It connects with, and reinforces the character and significance of the Town Hall – inviting further exploration and providing Council and the local community with an inspiring place to build on its past and grow into the future.