Wandana Child & Parent Centre

The Wandana Child and Parent Centre at Gilles Plains, opens the site to local community and families from multiple ethnic backgrounds. Open spaces offer families within this school area the space to gather, interact and enjoy play whilst connecting with local community. The design response has been developed around a language which crosses all cultures, play. Language, communication and interaction can occur in many forms; dance, play, singing, art, literature and performance, to name a few. With a culturally diverse community network, it is important for Wandana’s outdoor space to speak to children in many forms.

Throughout the outdoor space, language is weaved into the design to create an experience special to the Wandana Child Parent Centre. The word ‘Welcome’ has been stamped in multiple languages within the concrete path which surrounds the outdoor space, connecting each outdoor room. Children have identified with their own language, making them feel more connected with their space. Vegetable gardens, climbing trees, mud pits and an outdoor kitchen have all been incorporated into the outdoor learning area, providing spaces that connect to children from different backgrounds.