Meals on Wheels SA Head Office

The Meals on Wheels SA Head Office brings together administrative, office and commercial kitchen functions together in a consolidated cook and chill facility. Representing the expansion and modernisation of Meals on Wheels South Australia, this new two storey commercial building expresses a sense of warmth, openness, and approachability that reflects the heart of this non-for-profit organisation. Located on the apex of 2 major traffic corridors, the new central hub redefines the streetscape with an expressive fa├žade that is textured, inviting and bold.

The design utilises a refined materials palette of robust feature brickwork and bold transparent forms which frame the activity within to the street, whilst expressing the structure.The feature truss supports the upper level, traversing the main driveway entry from Sir Donald Bradman Drive and emphasizing the buildings presence along the streetscape. Meals on Wheels now has an enhanced identity and interface with the community. The consolidation and provision of a new multi-purpose facility provides an inspiring and unified workplace for staff with kitchen and office spaces arranged around a central courtyard that encourages gathering and provide a flexible event space.